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[Segmentation Utilities] Erosion crashes the MITK Workbench after interpolation
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To reproduce:

  1. Load Pic3D
  2. Segment two slices with any tool (I segmented the vertebra with region growing but others will work, too)
  3. Use interpolation 2D for all axial slices
  4. Open segmentation utilities
  5. Start erosion => Crash

It doesn't crash on segmentations created with treshold

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thomass triaged this task as High priority.Thu, Mar 18, 2:15 PM
thomass created this task.

On a first glance, the interpolation seems to affect the result.

  1. Create the segmentation with interpolation -> save it -> reload segmentation -> erosion = no crash
  2. Create the segmentation with interpolation -> erosion = crash

3D interpolation does not produce a crash.