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Segmentations are drawn differently depending on whether the segmentation tool is open or not
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When opening a segmentation (just 0/1 so it's displayed in red+transparent) the behavior of MITK is different depending on whether the segmentation tool is open or not. If it is closed, the segmentation is displayed as red area. If it is open the segmentation is displayed as a red contour. This should be consistent.

In my opinion a contour is a very bad way of presenting a segmentation. Yes it works for organs (LIver etc) but when viewing convoluted structures it is impossible to see which part is supposed ot be inside and which is not. Please make 'red area' always the default. If needed you can still add a toggle somewhere to switch over to contour mode for those that need it

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kislinsk added a subscriber: kislinsk.

If it only affects the legacy segmentation type (not displayed as multilabel segmentation), it should be soon resolved with the segmentation refactoring anyway. I think a workaround for now could be to convert the legacy segmentation to a multilabel segmentation in MITK (Data Manager context menu?). This task is also potentially connected to T28521: multilabel segmentation add switch to disable contour.