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[Segmentation] Deactivating tool resets interactions to earlier state
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To reproduce:

  1. Open any image in the workbench
  2. Enable PACS mode (Windows -> Preferences -> Editors/Standard Multi Widget -> Use PACS like mouse mode interaction)
  3. Open the Segmentation plugin
  4. Create a new segmentation
  5. Activate any segmentation tool (e.g. Add)
  6. Select a different PACS tool (e.g. Pan)
  7. Deactivate the segmentation tool
  8. Try using the currently selected PACS tool. Although it is still selected in the sidebar, the previous PACS tool (i.e. the one selected before the segmentation tool was activated) is in effect

This task was split up from T26485 as it is connected to that issue, but goes beyond its solution.

Currently, when a segmentation tool is selected, any active DisplayInteractor and DisplayActionEventBroadcast instance (or rather: their config) is saved and then updated to not handle left-mouse-button events, reserving this type of interaction for the segmentation tool. When the tool is deactivated, all configs are restored to the previously saved state. This works well for default MITK interaction, but not for PACS. When the PACS tool is changed during this time, the configuration will still be reset to whatever was the state before activating the segmentation tool.
Some possible approaches have been mentioned in T26485, but since this bug seems to be very rare for users to encounter, is has been split off as it is not as urgent and needs more thought about intended behavior.

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