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PACS mode is active while segmentation is drawn
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To reproduce:

  1. load an image with a segmentation (or create a new one) into the workbench
  2. open the properties page of the Standard Multi Widget (Windows -> Preferences -> Editors/Standard Multi Widget
  3. enable Use PACS like mouse mode interaction
  4. change the left-mouse button action to something else than Pointer, e.g. Zoom
  5. open the segmentation plugin and select the segmentation
  6. segment inside the render window and see how the render window changes while drawing the segmentation

This does not happen if the Pointer (crosshair) is selected.

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There seems to be a problem with the mitkDisplayActionEventBroadcast-class in general. Some classes have legacy code that disables the default display interactor to load a scenario-specific state machine and config file (see e.g.$121).
This is done in other classes. The problem is that the function does not reset the display action event broadcast instance but only display interactor instances.

see also:

Also when changing the interaction mode (PACS <-> MITK) while the segmentation tool (e.g. Add) is active, the changed interaction mode will overwrite the segmentation interaction and the render window changes again while drawing the segmentation.

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For test purposes this has been solved for the segmentation module / plugin in 450d57dd of T24215.

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