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[Otsu/Watershed Bug] Time points skipped while browsing segmentation Preview
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While Previewing segmentations for different time steps in Otsu/Watershed tools, the time slider in Image Navigator skips a time step. However, mask computation happens for the skipped one, as well.


  1. Load 4D image (at least 3 timesteps)
  2. Get to OTSU tool at t=0.
  3. Click Preview. Preview mask appears.
  4. Increment the spin box once for time in Image Navigator:

Instead of slider moving to t=1, it moves to t=2, automatically.

OS: Found in Windows 10. MacOS doesn't seem to have this bug. Ubuntu not tested.
Code: Can be replicated on the latest develop branch.

Bug video attached.

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kislinsk triaged this task as Normal priority.Mar 17 2022, 10:53 AM

@a178n Could you check if the error still exists as soon as T29185 is landed?

kislinsk added a project: Auto-closed.

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@a178n Could you verify if the problem still exist or if it is fixed?

a178n claimed this task.

Tested on the latest MITK 2023.04 release installer for Windows 10.
Problem doesn't exist anymore. Fixed.