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[Segmentation] Glitch in label color after 3d-interpolation
Closed, ResolvedPublic


  1. Open Pic3D.nrrd or something else
  2. Open Segmentation View
  3. Create new segmentation
  4. Add another label
  5. Remove "New Label 1"
  6. Enable 3d-interpolation
  7. In "New Label 2", draw two contours in two different windows to have input for 3d-interpolation
  8. Confirm the interpolation
  9. BUG: The color of the label in the image changes to the color of the deleted label (yellow)
  10. BUG: It mismatches with the color shown in the labels widget
  11. BUG: Changing the color in the label widget does change the color in the label widget, but not the actual color in the image.