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[WorkBench] Segmentation fault when "Close Project" is invoked and QmitkDataStorageComboBox widget is in UI
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Workbench will crash when "Close Project" is called in conjunction with QmitkDataStorageComboBox being present in any plugin/tool (eg. nnUNet).

Sample workflow to replicate (Ubuntu only):

  1. Load any image, goto Segmentation View
  2. Click nnUNet.
  3. Select "Multi Modal" checkbox -> a QmitkDataStorageComboBox appears.
  4. Close Project

This leads to Segmentation fault and workbench crashes immediately.

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a178n triaged this task as High priority.Apr 11 2022, 5:46 PM
a178n created this task.

After some analysis with @kalali, it looks like there is some kind of race condition(?) happening while, Removing nodes by the mitk::DataStorage Vs QmitkDataStorageComboBox destructor.

  1. Are both processes asynchronous, one removing the node before the other?
  2. Is QmitkDataStorageComboBox used elsewhere to check and replicate the bug?