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Organize shape model distribution on CD
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Follow-up bug of #2979.
Distibution via Internet works now, but it would be nice if some models could be distributed via CD.

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we decided it's to difficult to implement that now since the path to the cd drive is not clear. Maybe the files could be copied to the bin-folder of the live system (Sascha?).

@Tobi: do you think this is ok? Download is fast and works.

I can copy some models to the bin folder (I assume they will be found correctly).

However, there is not much space left on the CD (probably < 100MB). Please move the model to T: and give me a priority list.

Models are all in /home/kast/public_html . I don't know priorities and I don't know whether they can stay zipped. Daniel, Hannes, Tobi?

no answer from the shape model guys, I will ask them soon. The CD is probably final anyway. Sascha, please resolve wontfix if too late.

Just talked with Michi, he is phoning Tobi S. CD is still not final...

Comment from Hannes in #2979:

I suggest to use this models for the installer: 400kB 500kB 5000kB 5000kB 2500kB

Sum ~13500kB

They can be found in my home in public_html in my home folder.

all shape model zips can also be unpacked to the bin folder of the windows installation in order to make them work. no need to put them into .mitk!

Models are downloaded to std::string downloadPath = mitk::StandardFileLocations::GetInstance()->GetOptionDirectory();

Don't know what the option directory is, but it would be a place to store them.

But, they are searched in StandardFileLocations, so all of them would be working.
Marco, where have you put the Lymph node models?

As Michi said, the models must be unpacked to work. This is only done automatically when downloading. So maybe it would be better to distribute them unpacked on CD.

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