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refactor VirtualTrackingDevice
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  • Splines should be stored in a VirtualTrackingTool class
    • use mutexes, mutexholders
    • cleanup of source code
    • use modified and mutexes in set/get methods
    • manage tracking volume changes

Event Timeline

  • write unit test for mitk::VirtualTrackingDevice

[SVN revision 21903]
FIX (#3454): store tool related data in new VirtualTrackingTool object, refactor VirtualTrackingDevice class accordingly, use mutexes

[SVN revision 21904]
ENH (#3454): add new VirtualTrackingTool class

[SVN revision 21905]
ENH (#3454): add new unit test for VirtualTrackingDevice

[SVN revision 21911]
CHG (#3454): VirtualTrackingDevice uses VirtualTrackingTool now, removing obsolete friend declaration

refactoring mostly done. Interface changes are committed.

still missing:

  • update splines when tracking volume changes
  • write unit test for new VirtualTrackingTool class.

This will not affect the interface, therefore removing the 1.0 relevant flag.

The ITK Spline class that we use is now deprecated: (instead of fixed...). When switching to new ITK versions, we might get problems with that.

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