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Issue with 3D view in Volume Visualization
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The Volume Visualization changes the 3D view somehow. The coronal (or blue) level is set to the front. The green and red level are set into background. This is not reverted if you disable the Volume Visualization or close the bundle.

You have to restart MITK.

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What means coronal, red/green/blue level, set into fore/background?
Please add screenshots

Thomas, could you please comment?

I already explained it to Markus F.. Anyway this bug is very strange and does also occur in other bundles on my (Win 7) 3M3. As far as I remember, it didn't occur on Markus Engel's 3M3.

We should investigate more in this. Maybe my configuration for 3M3 is just wrong. Does anyone else have a 3M3 application?

This bug is not present anymore. I assume the source of error was a defect VTK version on my system. My dartclients also had problems with that. We figured out that the VTK version from Toolkits was not working.

Merging "applicazion modules" component with "ExtApp plugins"

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