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MITK does not recognize 4D DICOM volumes
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4D DICOM volumes are loaded in MITK as a single volume, where every different time step is appended to the axial axis.

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Modifications to DicomSeriesReader in order to make it 4D compatible.

Patch is ok, but does not read the actual time information. This has still to be extracted and put into the TimeSlicedGeometry. Maybe Tobi can help with that for 2/3d+t MRI.

[SVN revision 24210]
FIX (#4565): Image sorting according to acquisition time and position for the identification of 4D Dicom volumes. After sorting, the images with equal acquisition time are grouped together and loaded as separate volume. Each volume is put as a separate time step in the mitk::Image.

Actually I think it never read out the correct time information...
Only created a time step for each image. (time step = integer, time information = time in milliseconds); So at least reading as before is restored.

But if it rewritten anyway, it should behave correct. BTW, if time in ms is assigned correctly, this maybe can have severe(!) side effects and cause new bugs... Afaik it was never tested.

Thiago, I can have a look on it, too.

[SVN revision 24215]
COMP (#4565): The solution for 4D volumes only works with GDCM>=2. It is now checked during compilation.

Recognition and loading of 4D data is working. More specific problems regarding this matter should discussed in more specific bugs. I am closing this one.

kislinsk merged a task: Restricted Maniphest Task.Aug 1 2016, 10:47 PM