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Lookup tables are not used (displayed)
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VTK (and by that, MITK) lookup tables are not used (displayed) anymore. An image with a valid lookup table and "LookupTable" property is still shown as gray value.

(For some details see report from Claudia Haenel from Okt 26 2010 on users list).

Can be reproduced e.g. with ShapeBasedSegmentation on 4D images: Segment 4D image, use button "Show inner motion". LUT is not used.

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We looked into this and figured out that the problem is still present. However, this is closely related to the 2D rendering restructuring (T7027).

Thomas, are you still working on this issue?

I think Caspar figured out how to use a LookupTable in the current version.

And the fix of T7027 it will probably be more reliable, because our 2D rendering will use VTK then.

New account for Danial added as cc.

Todo: Verify if this bug is fixed or still relevant with the new mitkImageVtkMapper2D.