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Test DICOM tags loading for mitk::Image properties
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Unit tests for new feature described in T7339:

  • Load known set of DICOM slices
  • Verify patient,study,series level tags
    • for each loaded slice verify image level tags
  • Verify by loading the DICOM images explicitly and comparing (raw string representations of) tag values

Event Timeline

Enhanced unittest DICOMSeriesReader. Checks if DICOMTags have been set correctly.

Reopened because unittest needs to be enhanced. File path for dicom tags should be retrieved from mitk::image property

[9d7b58]: Merge branch 'bug-7528-test-dicom-tags-loading-image-properties'

Merged commits:

2011-07-06 15:31:31 Danial Bin Mohamed Saruji [796b54]
enhanced unittest: used file paths directly from mitk::Image properties

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