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Develop dynamic extension checking for file writing
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The possible file extensions for file writing are currently passed by a hard coded list in the mitk::FileWriter class. To dynamically check the possible file extensions and write them to a save dialog list itk provides a useful mechanism to check for possible file extensions. This method should be adapted to work for mitk::FileWriters as well. Furthermore not supported file formats from the itkImageIO should be excluded from that list.

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e.g. when i click "save image" onto an image in the datamanager, in the dialog i can choose formats which are totally unsuitable, like:
dwi / hdwi (only works with diffusion images)
hqbi / qbi (qball)

If i choose them, i get the message "Not suitable for image writing".

Possible image formats can be determined dynamically (like sven said), but should also be checked for plausability.

I guess this bug will be solved with Keno's start up project. I add Keno in CC so he can decide for dependencys or duplicate status.

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