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Measurement view looses information when changing the view.
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How to reproduce the bug:

  • load an image
  • draw a measurement, e.g. a line
  • activate another view (e.g. segmentation)
  • activate measurement again

> the information shown in the measurement view on the line ("length: ...") is not there anymore. Nevertheless, you can still interact with the line, e.g. move one end and change the length.

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Updating target milestone to upcoming release

Bug occurs only by switching to the segmentationview.
Node changes to current picture when you activate segmentationview and when you activate the measurement view again the node still holds the image, not the line as expected.

Re-assigned bug to Andi who works on T13514. The solution of that bug fixes this issue.

Fixed T13514 but this one still persists.

The described error did not occur on my system.

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