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LiveWire does not work as expected
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Using it on a lung CT in the coronal view at the bottom of the lung, the initial point after double click is set with an offset from the clear contrast boundary and the wire also does not snap to the lung-diaphragm boundary

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We've tried to discover this issue during bugsqashing but were not able to reproduce it. Can you provide us with some more hints?

User cordes has pushed new remote branch:


[ada844]: Merge branch 'bug-17797-fix-livewire-crash'

Merged commits:

2015-04-08 16:46:19 Jonas Cordes [33fc4e]
move state machine reset action

2015-04-08 16:08:12 Jonas Cordes [144ceb]
add IsPositionEventInsideImageRegion method an apply it in livewire initialisation

Changing status to resolved as fixed. Please reopen if not true.

The bug-17797-fix-livewire-crash fixes a crash which could be detected during testing. The original error still exists. (Reset the release flag? to '?' ?)

Some hints for the main bug:
During live wire initialisation, the origin of the segmentation image is shifted by factor 0.5 of voxel spacing in x and y direction of the current slice (to make the contour voxel border aligned). This causes that the shifted segmentation image doesn't fit with the original image. Additional, the upper and right voxel line is inaccessible using the live wire tool.

Okay, thanks for the update. Setting target milestone to AfterNextRelease and status to confirmed.

Should be fixed for the upcoming release

removed 0.5 origin offset magic.
Added minimal interpolation margin to include pixels when clipped.

Could you please push the bug branch?

User gaehlert has pushed new remote branch:


[7d95be]: Merge branch 'bug-17797-RemoveOffset'

Merged commits:

2016-03-10 14:03:23 Nils Gaehlert [26ab29]
removed live wire segmentation 0.5 origin offset magic..

Fixed mentioned bugs, but behavior changed.
Opened T19615 as feature request to improve this.