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Region growing 3D doesn't work on float/double images with value range 0-1
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First investigation:
-Internally the seed point value is temporarily stored as an integer
-> fails for 0..1

-The upper and lower threshold are adjusted:

upper += 1
lower -= 1

-> undesired behaviour for 0..1

See QmitkAdaptiveRegionGrowingToolGUI #390, #184.

For storing the seed point value as double, following lines have to be adapted:

  • QmitkAdaptiveRegionGrowingToolGUI.h: line 210
    • change to 'double m_SeedpointValue;'
  • QmitkAdaptiveRegionGrowingToolGUI.cpp: line 156
    • change type of parameter 'val' from int to double

QmitkAdaptiveRegionGrowingToolGUI.cpp: line 413
--> The member variable 'm_CompleteData' of the resultImage generated by region grower contains null pointer.

Should be fixed for the upcoming release

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