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Coronal picking OS X
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On the current master (8fad81b8) and on 2014.10 release.

  • Open the MITK Workbench
  • Load a 3D image or fiber
  • Click in the coronal view

The crosshair and printed position are always too high.

Wathever the zoom level, it's always visually the same length; about a cursor's height too high. The program is still usable, but it forces the user to click lower in the coronal plane only. This is highly inconvenient!

If I resize the program fully (maximize) or just a little (with the mouse in the side), the bug dissapears. Global Reinit, Reinit, adding or deleting node(s) don't change anything.

I have this bug only on OS X (10.9.5, may happen on other version?), Windows and Linux are ok. Tested on a mac book pro and a mac mini.

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This bug seems to be duplicate to T12370.
I investigated this in T12370 and narrowed it down to a wrong qt resize event.
This seems to be fixed in Qt5.

However we do not support Qt5 for Mac OS X yet (there are some problems regarding the UI), see T18521

Thank you for the investigation.

While waiting for Qt5 and T18521, is there anything we can do to "patch" the problem? Faking a window resize or something? If it can be fixed by hand by the user, there's probably a line of code that does the same thing :)

I can have a look at this.
We would somehow manually have to invoke a QResizeEvent on the application window so that the QmitkRenderWindow is resized

After further investigation I come to the following result:

The reason for the coronal shift (which also appears in the 3D window) is closely related to the BlueBerry tab rendering issue (see T5922).
The multiwidget has like the others views an overlap as well. This overlap disappears after resizing or at least after closing and reopening the multiwidget again.

With the fixes for T5922 which basically just remove some Mac OS X specific BlueBerry fixes (which seem to be obsolete after the recent BlueBerry changes) everything seems to work again.