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Replace screenshots in MITK help (1)
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Interns created new screenshots for MITK help, need to update old ones.
Caspar has access to new screenshots.

We made new screenshots for the help of MITK because some of the screenshots were pretty old and the interface of the program is now different and the buttons have changed or new buttons are available.
First, we changed all screenshots in the Data Manager, and in the Logging Plugin we made a new screenshot from the first picture.
In the MITK User Manual we changed all screenshots except the second one, this one was still equal.
Next was the Measurement Toolbox Plugin, there we changed all screenshots, those in the Meaurement View and those in the Statistic View.
Finally, we changed all screenshots in the Point set Interaction View too.
All other screenshots are still useable or are so different, that also the texts have to be changed.

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[9b35db]: Merge branch 'bug-19416-replace-old-screenshots'

Merged commits:

2015-11-02 17:16:39 Caspar Goch [c06fd1]
Replace old screenshots with newer ones