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Make mitk::LevelWindow consistent
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I stumbled upon mitk::LevelWindow while working on scene serialization.

mitk::LevelWindow seems to mix concepts of level/window and min/max. At least these are mixed within the member variable naming.

  • Go through the code and decide on one concept.
  • Either store current and default values as level/window or as min/max pair. (I vote for level/window, since this is more generally known, I guess)
  • name the Get...() methods consistent
  • document the used concepts in the class documentation. A small diagram would help much.

Event Timeline

Let's try to clean up after the party has started.....

Adapt the interface and rename members to equalize the LevelWindow names.

We did not changed anything inside the SetAuto-Method instead of renaming, because it seems to complex to change the concept. It won't become better...

associated bug: when loading two images, the levelwindow slider changes the setting of the first image. To change levelwindow of the second image, one has to change via context menue. But when deleting the first image changes of the levelwindow doesn't take effect on the image, that is left in datatree. Should be changed to use at least the first image in datastorage. Otherwise it looks like it doesn't work...

due to excessive problems with the wiki template thing, we added this textfile as a change request

[SVN revision 21209]
FIX (#2191): Made LevelWindow consitent by removing unnecessary member variables

reverted recent changes due to failning unit test

made a preliminarsy fix of the huge mess in levelwindow.... had to adapt the test too.... many problems, no light at the end of the tunnel...

prelim changes

Commiting patch

Additionally we removed any reference to the obsolete default rangemin/max attributes in the whole source tree

[SVN revision 21373]
FIX (#2191): consistent naming in levelwindow / removal of default range min/max

This one is finished. we will close this bug.