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Check DICOM Browser Query Retrieve from wdb.
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While doing the DICOM Browser checklist, could not check Query Retrieve from wdb, since my machine does not have required permissions.
When trying to retrieve from the Example servers, no files are moved to local storage.
Could someone with wdb access check the Query Retrieve please.

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I tested it successfully on windows.
Please send your ip and the desired port per mail, then I can add your computer to the list.

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permission granted! should work now

After checking with permission granted by hentsch, wdb files now appear during query but do not show up in local storage after retreaval. Seems to work with Windows according to hentsch.

Checked it again. Doesn't work on windows either. Apparently, data is received, but not shown

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I did just test it on the current master and it works for me on Windows 10 64 Bit.

yeah, works for me too on Win7 64bit.

Retrieve works for me on ubuntu 15.04 as well.

my OS is Ubuntu 16.04. Could this be the problem?

Turned out to be a configuration error of the wDB, do not use duplicate AETitles.