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Cannot use tools in multilabel segmentation view without restart
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Dear MITK-Team,

I'm working with the latest 2018-04 release on Ubuntu 16.04.

When loading an image and the corresponding segmentation into MITK (after starting MITK) I can directly modify the segmentation. When I remove the segmentation and load the same (or any other) segmentation again I cannot chose any tool from the multilabel segmentation view. The multilabel segmentation view has to be restarted in order to be able to modify the segmentation again.

it turned out that the problem only occurs if:

  1. reload image after it was remove
  2. right click in data manager -> convert to segmentation
  3. uncheck original nifti containing the segmentation map. This nifti is converted to a segmentation in step 2

If step 3 is missing, the problem does not occur, but the image belonging to this segmentation map is not visible (since hidden by the nifti containing the segmentation)

How to reproduce:

  1. load multilabel segmentation (i.e. /home/full/E130-Personal/Full/2018/MITKbugs/multilabel3dt/Pred_4d_pat_2452353_study_73.nii.gz)
  2. right click in Data Manager -> convert to segmentation
  3. open multilabel segmentation view (if not already open)
  4. choose any tool i.e. "add"
  5. remove segmentation from Data Manager
  6. load segmentation again and convert it to segmentation
  7. uncheck nifit containing segmentation
  8. try to choose any tool -> not working

Solve the problem:

  • restart multilabel segmentation view


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May it be that whenever the tools are deactivated that there is a message above like "please perform a reinit on the segmentation image"? I can reproduce your issue just by loading a scene file with your example image and a segmentation. Sometimes the tools are deactivated, and sometimes not (race condition of some kind). But the message is always shown when the tools are deactivated. The actual issue for me is, that the segmentation is not reinitialized even though the tools are activated right from the beginning, leading to very strange effects when using the tools.

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I mixed the Segmentation View and the Multilabel Segmentation View. It turned out that the latter one does not even have a protection against non-reinited image/segmentation pairs.

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Is this still a valid issue?

This task will be invalid after T28142: [Segmentation] Remove plugin redundancy with MultiLabelSegmentation is done, if the assumption by @kislinsk holds true.
Meanwhile a fix for image validation should have already been merged, see D533.

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I was not able to reproduce this problem anymore - should be solved with the mentioned task above. I will close this now, let's keep an eye on the correct (de-)activation of the segmentation tools.