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[image statistics plugin] 4D image + 4D segmentation as mask does not work
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  • load 4D image
  • create 4D segmentation with plugin
  • open image statistics plugin and select image and segmentation

It only works under the condition that each timestep is non-empty, i.e. has a masked pixel.
Otherwise, MITK crashes.

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hentsch created this task.Feb 12 2019, 2:25 PM
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hentsch added a subscriber: kausch.Fri, Apr 12, 9:35 AM

Statistics are calculated for those time steps where a mask is provided, for the others not. When the view asks for the statistics an exception is thrown if the statistics don't exist.

see: QmitkImageStatisticsCalculator, line 209ff (Histogram visualization)

We put a try catch around that . There seems to be another exception thrown when willing the table view. The statistics table is not filled: