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The Surface Material Editor only edits the first entry of the combo box
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It is not possible to change the properties of another surface than the first in the combo box of the Surface Material Editor.

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Change from selection combo box to cherry selection service

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Change from selection combo box to cherry selection service

Current Problems:
the material prewiev window stops showing the sphere at the exact moment at which the 3D Window from MultiWidget starts to render.

This was no isue before changing the selection process to OpenCherry Sel.Service.

The patch does not yet take the name changes from openCherry to BlueBerry into account. It will be updated as soon as further work is done on this issue.

We are committing our changes, the error seems to be somewhere else. Markus will take over after the commit.

[SVN revision 21092]
FIX (#2640): Changed to BlueBerry selection service. Works now apart from unwanted behaviour on global reinit.

this problem is not related to the surface material editor himself.
its caused trough the global reinit, which doesn't affect only the stdmultiwidget,
also the preview render window of the surface material editor.
we need to have multiple renderwindow manager instances to divide the preview window from the stdmultiwidget (see #3342)

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