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DICOM Seg writing is broken due to changes in DICOMSEGIOMimeType
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As far as I can see, the changes in this commit rMITKa3157e41952094c309ae12b67fc8ea672a2abfc3 have broken the write features of DICOM seg.

Reason ist that the fix for bug T18572: The AppliesTo function of MimeTypes is called when writing does not work any more. The introduced code now tries to make file operations and read from a file which cannot work in write operations as the file does not exist.

@nolden How did you managed to write segmentation. Currently it should not be possible with the normal IO functionality? Or did you used an older version?
@neher Why do you have introduced these lines what do you try to achive? We have to finde a better solution.
@gaoh Thats the cause of your problems in {T26820} I will patch it away in that branch for you to work on. But we have to clarify that before merging T26820 into master,

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rMITK060c74e0e13601d6ccd7653122ce65e2e7fae181 is a proposed fix for the problem.
@neher Do you see any problems?

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Looks good. Don't see a problem.

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Wrong "auto close". Must be landed first.

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