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(3M3) Make volume visualization more user friendly and usable
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Larger commit is following with following changes:

Update of Volume Visualization View/Bundle

New Transferfunction "Generator" Widget

  • New Preset Management
    • New Presets
    • Presets are now instant applied when selected
    • Presets can now be saved into and loaded from an XML format
  • Threshold & "Levelwindow" Function Generator
    • Implemented new Widget for Mouse Interaction
  • Transfer function editor is now usable with mouse left and right click (no shift-click or keypress required)
    • Lots of display bugs removed
    • Transferfunction now realtime edit/previewable

Event Timeline

[SVN revision 19665]
ENH (#2733): commit in detail in previous bug comment

[SVN revision 19668]
COMP (#2733): added missing file

[SVN revision 19677]
ENH (#2733): automatic generation of transferfunction for binary images

[SVN revision 19739]
CHG (#2733): moved title into transferfunction widgets

[SVN revision 19751]
ENH (#2733): removed imageselector / using blueberry selection service / removed space-costly groupboxes

[SVN revision 19754]
ENH (#2733): removed more space in ui

[SVN revision 19765]
ENH (#2733): lod now again useable with GPUVolumeMapper3D / toggleable with "volumerendering.uselod" bool property

[SVN revision 19767]
ENH (#2733): opacity/grayvalue widgets need less space

[SVN revision 19774]
ENH (#2733): levelwindow and bell generate smoother transferfunction

[SVN revision 19775]
ENH (#2733): crosswidget now locks mouse position / added first tooltip

[SVN revision 19792]
ENH (#2733): added tooltips / fixed info line / added support for new mitkTransferFunction preset

[SVN revision 19799]
ENH (#2733): increased quality of GPUVolumeMapper3D

[SVN revision 19805]
ENH (#2733): increased quality of GPUVolumeMapper3D

[SVN revision 19842]
ENH (#2733): added tooltips

[SVN revision 19849]
ENH (#2733): added tooltips

[SVN revision 19878]
ENH (#2733): While volumenrendering checkbox is uninitiated, all other widgets are greyed out

[SVN revision 19949]
ENH (#2733): TransferFunctionGeneratorWidget has a minimum size now.

[SVN revision 19994]
ENH (#2733): if the filename size > 20 the middlepart is cutting-out when you load/ save transferfunctions

[SVN revision 20081]
ENH (#2733): additional to SVN revision 19994 the last word in filename is also cutting-off when the size > 20

[SVN revision 20232]
ENH (#2733): if no image is selected a red demand: "Select an image!" is displayed

[SVN revision 20233]
ENH (#2733): QLineEdits have the maximum size. Now they are Linux compatible

[SVN revision 20301]
ENH (#2733): If you click on the cross, the bell is wider now

[SVN revision 20358]
ENH (#2733): gpu volume mapper now adds his new properties @ SetDefaultProperties()

[SVN revision 20407]
FIX (#2733): fixed memory leaks and reduced memory requirements when switching between gpu/cpu by de/initializing gpu/cpu mappers

[SVN revision 20412]
FIX (#2733): selection now updated immediately after creating view

[SVN revision 20430]
ENH (#2733): made VolumeVisualization view fixed

[SVN revision 20438]
FIX (#2733): removed debug messages

[SVN revision 20540]
ENH (#2733): enabled at least rendering of 3dt images/though no histogramm, GPUVolumeMapper3D has now better parameters and more properties

[SVN revision 20626]
FIX (#2733): removed debug message

[SVN revision 20765]
ENH (#2733): reduced mapper memory requirements /

[SVN revision 20819]
ENH (#2733): initial support for RGBA volumes

3m3 is dome, Volume Visualization is user frinedly now.

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