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2020 Week 36 (Very Early September)
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T27784: 2020 Week 39 (Late September)
rMITK46a8bcfc8862: Merge branch 'release/T27695-2020-Week-36' into develop
rMITK4abd657cba75: Merge branch 'release/T27695-2020-Week-36' into develop
Mentioned Here
rMITK1d93318bd164: Merge branch 'bugfix/T27639-MigrateToNewCDashSite' into develop
rMITK899caed2f76e: Merge branch 'hotfix/T25882-CDash-v2.6' into develop
rMITK936b789bbc0a: Refactor DeformableClippingPlane plugin to use the new node selection widgets
rMITK70d153bbd471: Prevented crash on application closure. Fixed T27634
rMITK08619e4fc4b8: T27621/T27622 - Corrected threshold tools
rMITKa28b433c2303: Update Contact information.
rMITK67d34b5de004: Introduce nullptr checks in PlanarFigureInteractor to avoid nullptr exception
rMITKdcb22cd781bb: Fix Visual Studio 2017 warnings (errors) in RegionGrowingTool
rMITK01ec63137fc5: Refactoring of segmentation tools
rMITKe48ac63bd6fd: Implementation of stitching functionality
rMITK69ec2a4a463c: Updated mapper docu
T18436: [Segmentation] Fast Marching 3D Tool only supported for first time step in 4D images
T25882: Rewrite dashboard script for CDash 2.6
T27061: Planar figures crash if drawn with empty data storage
T27114: [MITKDoc] Revise Matchpoint Mapper Plugin Documentation
T27595: Refactor DeformableClippingPlane plugin to use the new node selection widgets
T27621: [Segmentation] 3D Threshold / UL Threshold does not use a timestep != 0 for static masks
T27622: [Segmentation] Make 3D Threshold / UL Threshold only for on a single timestep for a dynamic mask
T27634: [Registration] Crash at application closure when Registration Manipulator or Evaluator is active
T27639: Migrate to new CDash site
T27668: Fix Visual Studio 2017 warnings/errors

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kislinsk triaged this task as Normal priority.Sep 1 2020, 3:31 PM
kislinsk created this task.

Deleted branch release/T27695-2020-Week-36.

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