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Extend "Checkliste MultiLabel Segmentierung – 2D Segmentierung"
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In T28110, @kalali wrote:

All tools have to check for the following usage scenario:

  • segmentation on a 3D image
  • 3D segmentation (static) on a 4D (dynamic) image
  • 4D segmentation on a 4D image
  • All this with an image which time geometry does not start at 0 ms (e.g. MITK-Data/3D+t-ITKIO-TestData/LinearModel_4D_arbitrary_time_geometry.nrrd)

What the segmentation should look like/how it is generated must be specified per tool. But for all tools the following post conditions should apply:

  • Tools can be activated, used /confirmed.
  • The timestep of the reference image stays the same and is not changed by starting the segmentation.
  • Using the tool does not change the geometry of the segmentation (so 3D stays 3D and 4D segs are still 4D segs after the tool usage).

Extend the segmentation check lists accordingly.

For the multi label segmentation view it is important to test multiple segmentations, even on different layers.

Todos for the current release

  • Align the content of the checklist with the latest features of the MITK (only release-relevant features / plugins)
  • Find appropriate data for the GUI tests and define them in the checklist
  • Use the checklist to test the GUI functionality and open tasks for failed test
  • Note down GUI tests that can be automated in the future (e.g. put into basic module tests)

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I created the document and added content to explicitly test

  • segmentation on a 3D image
  • 3D segmentation (static) on a 4D image
  • 4D segmentation (dynamic) on a 4D image
  • segmenting with different labels / on different layers

I tried to shorten the instructions to not make the document too long. I think the new content makes {T26987} even more important. With a new format we could add subsections for different data types.
I copied the modified document to E130-Daten\Release\Checklisten\MITK Workbench Release and named it Checkliste MultiLabel Segmentierung – 2D Segmentierung

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