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[Release Checklists] Prepare release checklists
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In order to release a stable MITK version regularly, we need to extend and use the existing checklists to test the GUI functionality of the MITK workbench: E130-Daten\Release\Checklisten\MITK Workbench Release
This is a iterative process, containing the following steps:

  1. Align the content of the checklists with the latest features of the MITK (only release-relevant features / plugins)
  2. Find appropriate data for the GUI tests and define them in the checklists
  3. Use the checklists to test the GUI functionality and open bugs for failed tests
  4. Note down GUI tests that can be automated in the feature (e.g. put into basic module tests)

The iterative process will repeat the steps as long as necessary to fit the tests to the current MITK release candidate as good as possible.
Here, especially for step 1 it is important to actually understand what MITK is supposed to do, so as not to introduce a bias towards the current behavior of the workbench.

Please keep also T27716#211856 in mind, where a suggestion was made to group / separate tests according to a reasonable similarity / dissimilarity and split the document into the clustered algorithms.
The reason for this being to reduce the size and complexity of the checklist.

Some problems have already been addressed in {T26754}. Its subtasks are also valid for this current release. However, we will focus on the mentioned issues in this task description and tackle the issues in T26754 in Spring 2021.

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