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MITK DicomBrowser q/r Retrieve part crash
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The retrieving part seems to not work properly: Results sometimes in MITK "freeze" or MITK crash.
I will provide a simple solution to create a server to actually test the retrieve, without having access to a real server...

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Get an Openstack instance (e.g. Ubuntu 20.04 DKFZ image,...)

snap install docker
docker run -p 4242:4242 -p 8042:8042 --rm --entrypoint=cat jodogne/orthanc-plugins /etc/orthanc/orthanc.json > /tmp/orthanc.json

open /tmp/orthanc.json and add

"DicomModalities" : {
    "Hanno" :  [ "YOUR_PC_NAME", "YOUR_IP", 11112 ]

e.g. YOUR_PC_NAME E0230PC999 and IP
save the file in /home/orthanc.json

docker run -p 4242:4242 -p 8042:8042 --rm -v /home/orthanc.json:/etc/orthanc/orthanc.json:ro jodogne/orthanc-plugins

check, if the (insecure) instance is running:

http://OPENSTACK_IP:8042/app/explorer.html with user/pw orthanc/orthanc e.g.

Upload some PUBLIC dicom files.
In the dicomBrowser within MITK:

image.png (51×492 px, 1 KB)

with CallingAETitel: YOUR_PC_NAME StorageAETitle YOUR_PC_NAME Storage Port: 11112 (the one set in orthanc.json)

"Query" works fine, "Retrieve" crashes

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Another option for testing is to use , I think it is preconfigured in the Workbench. It's a public DICOM endpoint and the data there differs, but 5 min ago I was able to reproduce the crash with a retrieval from there. Just activate the checkbox in the MITK config table , query last month, select a few patients and retrieve. Worked for me to reproduce the crash.

Just a ping because it was triggered by a checklist for the upcoming release.

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