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[ImageStatistics] Deleting a datanode after statistics leads to no histogram update for the next node
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  1. Load any datanode (US4DCyl)
  2. Select in statistics
  3. Delete it
  4. Load another node (Pic3D)
  5. Select in statistics

-> Histogram still shows the deleted node but not the new one, update can be triggered by checking "Show subchart"

Also interesting: If you have a ROI selected for the second node than "Show subchart" will show you the histograms: US4DCyl[0], US4DCyl[0] with Circle1, Pic3D with Circle1 (although you never asked for the US4DCyl and the node does not exist in the storage anymore)

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For v2021.01 the problem is irrelevant now (legend is deactivated). But as soon as we want to support multiple statistics in the histogram widget and the widget has been reworked. This should also be covered.

Reason for the missing update, is that neither the statistics view nor the histgram widget are listening tu changes of the selected image or ROI nodes. Therefore they are not aware if the name property changes.
The DataStorageModel of the statistic widget does. This is why there everything is updated correctly.