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[ImageStatistics] Histogram is only shown for timestep 0
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In the checklist is says that a slider appears in the histogram widget whenever you load 4D data. But I don't see any new sliders and the legend also only says "Histogram US4DCyl[0]"

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thomass created this task.

Ralf estimates that it takes a long time to fix this so we may come up with intermediate solutions or state in the UI that only 3d images are supported.

Looked into it. So for quick fix we hace only the following options:

  • Accept that we only show timepoint 0 (how it is labeled also currently)
  • Activate the time support, but the time step of data is not indicated in the labels of the histogram. So people could be confused what time step is shown. (adding it in the label is not a quick fix)

@kislinsk, @nolden @thomass Opinions? (I have none ;)

Discussion already decided... *grrr*
The only way i was abel to find to quick fix T28221 and T28223, without rewritting the whole QmitChart and QmitkHistogramWidget (wich is currently out of question due to a lack of time), is by only using one fixed label name.
So at least this implicitly fixes T28206 somehow and decides the solution of this task.

Since you are already working on the histogram anyways, can you check the following:

  1. Load two datasets with the same geometry
  2. Draw a ROI
  3. Select both, 2 data + ROI --> Statistics

-> Is it intended that the histogram vanishes and can it be reopened again? Happened in my video and I didn't know whether bug or feature :D

It is a safety measure. As soon as more then to rows are in the table (so either >1 image or >1 roi) the histogram is deactivated at the moment, because you would not be able to discreminate them accordingly. See also Tasks mentioned above. Needs substential overhaul in the internals.

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