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Renaming segmentation or planar figure based ROI nodes breaks histogram
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Steps to reproduce:

  1. Load an image
  2. Create a segmentation
  3. Enter statistics view and add image and segmentation
  4. rename segmentation in data manager

Histogram description still show old name
Histogram shows new name

Further steps:

  1. remove node from statistics and re-add it
  2. No histogram at all

And another hint:

  1. Create another completely new segmentation
  2. Add it to statistics

Statistics of full image are shown in the histogram, ROI is ignored
New ROI should be taken into account

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This is quickfixed with T28221. I keep the task open and move it to the next milestone, as the quickfix does hide the problem, but it should be handled as soon as we want to display node names in the histogram legend again. The proper fix would be to listen to changes of the node(s) that is displayed in the histogram widget and to update the labeling as soon has the name property of the node has changed.

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