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[Interaction] Improve image cropper cross hair interaction
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In the image cropper after creating a new bounding box it's difficult to re-adjust the cross hair if it's below / inside the bounding box, since dragging alway drags the bounding box object-

Ideas could be:

  • allow for temporary de-activation of interaction with the bounding box, using a modifier or checkbox
  • don't consume "click" events in the bounding box interaction and forward them to the cross hair interaction, so clicking still moves the cross-hair.

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kislinsk triaged this task as Normal priority.Feb 18 2021, 9:33 PM
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I stumbled upon this since @s434n and I worked a lot on the interaction in the last weeks.
We fixed something related to mouse-interaction in the image cropper plugin, see e7f6648cd685.
Before these changes were merged into develop (so e.g. using the latest Installer v2021.02) the user was able to set the cross hair while clicking inside the bounding box using the PACS mode.
So to reproduce what would happen using the second idea:

  • create a bounding box
  • enable PACS like mouse interaction (cross hair)
  • click inside the image and see how the cross hair is moved
  • drag the bounding box and see how the cross hair is moved as well (undesired)
  • this is even worse with other PACS interations, e.g. "Scroll"

So what could be done here, since the refactoring that we did simplified this, is to create an additional interaction for the bounding box that enables left-mouse click for the cross hair but does not allow "moving" the cross hair while the left mouse button is pressed. That would probably be the most intuitive way since the user does not need to take additional actions. But we need to look closer if I oversaw something.

Additionally something like the first idea is already implemented; by simply hiding the bounding box data node in the data manager (not straight forward, I know).

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