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[Selection widgets] Define default for auto selection / listening mechanism
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While refactoring many plugin views to include the new selection concept (single / multi selection widgets with selection service connection) we often had to make the decision if we want to

  • activate auto selection
    • which means that a selection widgets automatically selects a fitting data node if existent
  • listen to selection changes
    • which means that each selection changed event (e.g. inside the data manager) modifies the current selection of the widget

Before introducing the new selection concept, some plugins listened to every selection change (e.g. properties view, pointset view) whereas others needed to be explicitly set to a certain selection (e.g. segmentation, if auto-select was off).

We want to discuss the best default while keeping an eye on the advantages and disadvantages of the two different approaches.

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Result of the discussion:
We will "activate auto selection" mode as default. The user has to select a node anyway. Either the selection slot is empty or already contains an automatically selected node. In both cases the user has to manually select a node. But in the latter case there might be a chance that the automatically selected node is the required one.

We will not "listen to selection changes" as default. The idea of the new selection concept was to have a "local selection concept". We will only enable listening to global selections for specific simple plugins, e.g. PropertiesView, that do not allow any action except displaying some data information.

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To finish this task, one should check/verify that all release relevant plugins follow the discussion result.

kalali added a comment.EditedSat, Aug 8, 10:00 AM

Plugins from T24775: Refactor plugins to use the new node selection widgets that do not follow the discussion result and need to be refactored:
No auto selection (SetAutoSelectNewNodes(true))

  • Dicom Inspector
  • Segmentation (although it is working if the segmentation plugin is opened after a node has been loadad - but not the other way around)
  • Segmentation Utilities (QmitkDataSelectionWidget)
  • MultiLabel Segmentation Utilities (QmitkDataSelectionWidget)
  • Image Cropper (will be fixed in D375)
  • Image Statistics
  • Measurement (will be fixed in D372)
  • MatchPoint
  • Properties
  • Point Set Interaction
  • Semantic Relations
  • Semantic Relations Statistics
  • Volume Visualization

Listen to selection changes

  • Dicom Inspector (but on purpose)
  • Properties (but on purpose)
floca added a comment.Sat, Aug 8, 11:56 AM

Just a comment: Image Statistcs uses the MultiNodeSelectionWidget which offers no AutoSelect feature (on purpose, because it could be a lot selections at once...).