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[ImageCropper] PACS mode is active while bounding box is drawn
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Basically the same problem as described in T26485, only for the ImageCropper plugin this time. To reproduce:

  1. Open any image in the workbench
  2. Enable PACS mode (Windows -> Preferences -> Editors/Standard Multi Widget -> Use PACS like mouse mode interaction)
  3. Open the Image Cropper plugin
  4. Press "New" to create a new bounding box
  5. Move the edges of the bounding box and see how whatever PACS tool is active acts at the same time

This is because in mitkBoundingShapeInteractor.cpp the methods DisableCrosshairNavigation and EnableCrosshairNavigation only change DisplayInteractors, not DisplayActionEventBroadcasts (see @kalali's comments in T26485).
Additionally, the disabling of crosshair movement is hardcoded for the default MITK interaction behavior and won't cope with something like PACS mode, which requires a more generalized approach as proposed in T26485.

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Possible duplicate of T28278? That task's description is not very clear about the problem, but could be referencing the same thing

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