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[Segmentation][Interpolation] Color of 2D interpolated slice is not yellow but segmentation color
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According to the checklist, unconfirmed interpolated slices should be drawn in yellow, but they are actually drawn in the color of the segmentation mask.

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I tested this with the recent branch of D601 and with MITK 2021.10 and for me the unconfirmed slices are drawn in yellow, as expected. Can someone verify, e.g. @s434n?
The code in QmitkSlicesInterpolator::QmitkSlicesInterpolator clearly states m_FeedbackNode->SetProperty("color", mitk::ColorProperty::New(255.0, 255.0, 0.0));.

Additionally I tested to draw the interpolated slices in the color of the segmentation mask but that is a bit more complicated for LabelSetImages / multiple labels.
I suggest to close this task and address this topic again when T27319: [Segmentation] Correctly implement interpolation features for Multilabel Segmentation View is done (so stick with a yellow contour for now) and we experience problems with the color of suggested / interpolated slices and multiple colored labels.

I tested with MITK v2021.10 and the current state of develop and also can't reproduce the described problem. In both cases unconfirmed interpolation slices are drawn in yellow.