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[Segmentation][Interpolation] Color of 3D interpolated segmentations is red, not green
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According to the checklist, 3D interpolated segmentations should be drawn in red, but they are drawn in green. What is desired here?

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I tested this with the recent branch of D601 and with MITK 2021.10 and for me the 3D interpolated surface is drawn in green. Also I didn't find the wort "red" in the segmentation interpolation checklist. Can someone verify, e.g. @s434n?
The code in QmitkSlicesInterpolator::QmitkSlicesInterpolator clearly states m_InterpolatedSurfaceNode->SetProperty("color", mitk::ColorProperty::New(SURFACE_COLOR_RGB));, with float SURFACE_COLOR_RGB[3] = {0.49f, 1.0f, 0.16f};.

However, after I confirmed the 3D interpolation, the mask is added to the label with the label color, but a red outline / surface remains (which is contained as data inside a newly generated surface date node). I'm not sure what this surface is used for since the mask has already been written into the previously existing label. I don't see a reason why this <segmentation-name>_3D-interpolation-node should exist.

Similar to T28826: [Segmentation][Interpolation] Color of 2D interpolated slice is not yellow but segmentation color, drawing the interpolated slices in the color of the segmentation mask is a bit more complicated for LabelSetImages / multiple labels.
I suggest to clarify what issue should be addressed here and act accordingly.

I tested with MITK v2021.10 and the current state of develop and have the same behavior as @kalali: unconfirmed 3D interpolated surfaces (and contours) are drawn in green. To me this also looks like what is expected from the checklist.
I also get the <segmentation-name>_3D-interpolation node.