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RenderWindows show wrong plane after loading a 2D image
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When loading two 2D images at the same time into the datamanger, they are shown in the render windows immediately. after removien both images and reload the same images the transversal view starts in a wrong slice so that one has to first scroll to the images in transversal view even so they should appear at the same position as before removal.

Tested with T:\3M3 Demodaten\Registrierung ( Daniel S. )\Rigid\ITK Beispielbilder\

BrainProtonDensitySliceBorder20.png and BrainProtonDensitySliceShifted13x17y.png

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This sounds strange. Tobi or Jochen, do you have a hint/clue what might be happening here? (because you were busy with either 0.5 pixel issues or reinint after loading).

I talked about this with Daniel S. yesterday. Don't think it is a coordinate system problem.
Rendering problems without initialization are quite obvious, from where should the renderer, SliceNavigationController etc. now the image geometries?

It would be ok/expected if the images are not rendered corectly, but I would expect that they are rendered the same way when loading them twice (i.e. load, see, unload, load again).

Handing over to Marco for reassignment, there is no chance that I can work on this issue.

Tobi, can you have a look at it again?

Problem does not occur any more.
Most likely because images are now reinited after loading.
Note: This does not actually solve the initial problem, which is still unknown.