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[3D Segmentation] Threshold tool preview draws contours in green and not in the active label color.
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The figure should be self-explanatory.

threshold tool.png (1×1 px, 639 KB)

People who filled the checklist suggest drawing in active label color instead of green by default.

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Request for discussion: The green color is chosen deliberately as it is the typical preview color in MITK segmentation. We should discuss it should be different here and what are the implications regarding overriding/merging with existing labels.

The change is easily done and a 3 liner. But I think it is very close to the topic dicussed lately about how to visualize labels, active labels and previews properly in the future. (I am not able to find the task right now. @kalali brought it up and we discussed it in one of our latest MITK meetings (~1 month ago)).

If change it now to the label color, the preview is very hard to seperate from the pixels that are already labeled as such. Whould be different if we could highlight the preview in a special way (e.g. white border, label color border but different filling or whatever) but currently we have no option like that. So I think we should first have a clear visual policy for segmentation.

  • How are normal/inactive labels indicated
  • How is the highlighted/active label indicated
  • How is the preview for a label is indicated.

An then we rework everything accordingly.