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[Segmentation] Newly created LabelSet segmentation is not displayed as "outline binary"
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The ImageRendering Checklist states:

Segmentation Bundle aktivieren, starten und eine Segmentierung erzeugen.

  • In den 2D Renderwindows wird die Segmentierung als "outline binary" gezeigt (es sind also nur die Kanten zu sehen). Im 3D Renderwindow ist die Segmentierung gefüllt.

The segmentation is drawn as a filled solid label with an outline and the segmentation is not visible in the 3D render window.

Also using the Properties-View and enabling the outline binary property does not change anything.
It is also not possible to change the color of the newly created LabelSet segmentation using the Properties-View and changing the color-property.

I guess this has something to do with the LabelSet image type. We need to adress this in the checklist.

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@norajitr also opts for a fix as he encountered several ocasions where this bug was annoying.

It seems as if datanode->GetBoolProperty("binary", binary, renderer) inside mitkImageVtkMapper2D always results in binary being false. This might be true for our LabelSet images, but the properties view still shows the property binary as true, e.g. for segmentations created with the classic segmentation view.

The mitkLabelSetImageVtkMapper2D does not even take the binary-property into account, so "outline binary" does strictly speaking not exist with LabelSet images.
There is a property called which is used to display the contour on request. But as far as I can see there was never an option / an implementation that allowed to display only the contour of a LabelSet image without showing the segmentation face.
There was already some discussion about this (see T19933 and related).

Showing the outline of a binary image (segmentation) still works.

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We are going to rewrite the 2-d LabelSetImage mapper and write a 3-d LabelSetImage mapper this year, where this will be addressed. We should at least clean up the duality of the contour properties (binary vs. labelset.contour). We should probably allow to show the contour without any filling and we should clean up the coupling between contours and active label.

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