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[Multi widget] Plane suggestion of QmitkSlicesInterpolator does not work correctly
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As mentioned in T29203: [Multi widget] Make classes work with the new render window names render window specific names are used in some classes. {D665} removed most of the cases where a string was used.
Inside the QmitkSlicesInterpolator there is still a use of a render window string, inside QmitkSlicesInterpolator::RunPlaneSuggestion(): it is used to retrieve a render window for a plane suggestions.

Plane suggestion has been disabled in T28261: [Segmentation] Disable dysfunctional "Suggest Plane" feature of 3-d interpolation and the whole QmitkSlicesInterpolator is currently being refactored.
If we know how the future of the slices interpolator and plane suggestions looks, we need to take care of this part of code to make it work without specific render window name strings.