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[Workbench] Core dumped when mouse moved!
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MITK Workbench, current develop at 65af279906d1, crashes (Segmentation fault) when mouse is moved from one render view to another, soon after the workbench is opened.
No data required to replicate.

OS: Ubuntu only

Not observed on Windows, MacOS

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I tested this on Windows with 4974a335ada8a85d7fba8d313e2efc20acc84b48, which was the latest develop I had, since I recently merged something into develop and couldn't reproduce the error.
Used StdMultiWidget, no other plugins open, no data loaded, only the widget planes available in the data storage.
I tested this with the commit given in the task description and couldn't reproduce the error there as well.

I recently changed something conc. mouse events in render windows so I will prepare my VM to see what's going on.

I uploaded a fix in D783. Let's see if this will solve the issue also for Ubuntu.

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