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Segmentation with shape model still crashes after finishing
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To reproduce:

  • To a segmentation with a shape model, e.g.

T:\3M3 Demodaten\Organsegmentierung (Daniel M.)\DataSet_Lung_3D.pic.gz

  • When segmentation finishes, a binary image is created.
  • After that, an exception is thwon with no Call Stack.

-> Maybe a threading problem.

Event Timeline

Missing step:

  • click in any one 2D render window

Pressing the "Abort Segmentation" leads to the same (similar?) problem.
Considering this critical.

In release mode it is not crashing on my 64bit windows. "Abort Segmentation" is crashing.

[SVN revision 20360]
FIX (#2987): Also clear the model nodes

[SVN revision 20361]
FIX (#2987): Do not clean filter on startup; set aborted to false again after abortion. Only clean filter once.

Bug still not fixed. But works for me now in Release mode.
Two ideas where it could come from:

  • ShapeModelData is not cleared correctly. A Problem, but most likely not cause of the bug.
  • Something with the tool event sending/receiving or methods triggered by them.

Problem does not occur anymore when commenting out both:
m_ToolManager->NewNodesGenerated.Send(); (ln 249)
m_ToolManager->ActivateTool( -1 ); (ln 251)
in ShapeModelTool.

Positively tested with current installer -> Works.
But, actual bug still not fixed.

I tried to reproduce this both with release and debug versions on Ubuntu 9.04 32bit -- without success. I hope that I find time to look into this until tomorrow, we'll see. Current status does not seem TOO bad.

As this bug affects only shape model segmentation tools this is not 1.0 relevant.

This does not happen anymore. Can we close this?

We can close this one. Tobi do you agree?

Talked to Tobi he agreed to close this one