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Segmentation bundle: Lymph Node shapemodel segmentation spams an error message
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testdata: T:\3M3 Demodaten\GeneralTestingData\CT_LiverLarge_3D.pic.gz

When creating a new lymph node segmentation, follwing error message is displayed many hundred times in the console:

"Wrong or no appereance model for resolution..."

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[SVN revision 20368]
FIX (#3049): Use binary version of appearance model

Cannot work in the moment with the installer.
The lymph node shape and appearance model are not distributed with MITK.
See T2979 for more information.

As a quick fix, you can copy the file
and extract it in your
/home/.mitk folder.

[SVN revision 20550]
FIX (#3049): added LymphNode shape models and install rules

Thx Marco. Works for me with Rev. 20563 installer.
Will remove the Debug output, then close.

[SVN revision 20569]
FIX (#3049): Removed debug output; (Also made some error output more presentable).

Removed debug output -> Resolved.

Merging "applicazion modules" component with "ExtApp plugins"