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Rework StandardFileLocations and Qt resource management
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Things are mixed up here by adding more and more ways to look for configuration files and extra data.

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We searched for all occurences of "AddDirectoryForSearch" (a method of the StandardFileLocations) in the open source part. We found following issues:

mitkTrackingVolume.cpp in method TrackingVolume:

MITK_ROOT defined in mitkConfig.h points to the mbi local path V:/mitkSVNVC9/mitk/

Several other path definitions in mitkConfig.h are also hard coded and local mbi directories.

We found no occurence of QResource in the code.

Which other concepts exists in MITK?

This was discussed in the MITK meeting. I will propose a simplified and more clear interface for StandardFileLocations.

Resetting all bugs without active assignee flag to "CONFIRMED". Change status to IN_PROGRESS if you are working on it.

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