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Build up a bundle for the purpouse of using the Hough3D Algorithm
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Is this really a party bug? Or is it the diploma thesis of Philipp ;-) Could be a perfect initial project of a new student

[SVN revision 22448]
ADD (#3120): Created a new bundle to use the needle finder alg

[SVN revision 22452]
ADD (#3120): Packed all needle finder files into one module and began with code cleaning

[SVN revision 22454]
COMP (#3120): removed braces

[SVN revision 22455]
COMP (#3120): removed typename

removed party keyword, is this really a party bug?

unfortunately, there is nobody who maintains this philipp hartmann module anymore. since there is no immediate need to reactivate it, i will close all related bugs

Merging "applicazion modules" component with "ExtApp plugins"

kislinsk added a project: Bulk Edit.
kislinsk removed a project: Bulk Edit.