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T28118 Refactor SegTool2D and derived classes (1st batch)


T28118 Refactor SegTool2D and derived classes (1st batch)

Corrected comments, removed undefined constructor

GetAffectedImageSliceAs2DImage is now static and public to lower intra class dependency and to allow the use of this feature without the need to derive from SegTool2D.

+ Added GetAffectedImageSliceAs2DImageByTimePoint

Added first draft for 2D/3D FastMarchingBaseTool

+ Added WorkingPlane support to AutoSegmentationWithPreviewTool
+ Added support of interactorType definition to AutoSegmentation base classes

Refactored TimeStepType of DiffSliceOperation

Improved constness of ContourModelUtils

Corrected use of TimeStepType


Removed setters from DiffSliceOperation as they where implemented in a
way that lead to an invalid state. Further some namings where missleading.
Directly configure the operation via the constructor/New() call.

+ Improved constness of several classes

Improved const support of LabelSetImage

+ added tests for const overloads

BREAKING CHANGES!!! + Changed signature of SliceInformation supporting WriteBackSegmentationResult to WriteBackSegmentationResults (needed to avoid now compiler errors due to implicit parameter conversion). + Aligned behavior of...

...WriteBackSegmentationResults to the behavior of other WriteBackSegmentationResult overloads. Until now WriteBackSegmentationResults had a complete different implementation that. No it is streamlined and WriteBackSegmentationResult overloads all call WriteBackSegmentationResults and all behave like the former WriteBackSegmentationResult(const PlaneGeometry* ...) version. + Made SliceInformation element const to avoid unintended manipulation.

+ improved const correctness
+ refactored redundant code into own function (RemoveContourFromInterpolator)
+ added UpdateSurfaceInterpolation overload to support the processing of

a SliceInformation vector at once.

+ Reworked LiveWireTool2D to use the new reworked WriteBackSegmentationResults


+ Fixed internal "bug"/inconsistency in working slice generation in LiveWireTool2D.

Problem was not obvious/relevant so far, because the bug got covered by an
other effect (maybe that was the reason of the very "special" own implementation
of the slice writing...). Would become a problem as soon as LiveWireTool2D
should e.g. correctly support Undo/Do.

Added time point change support to SegTool2D

improved parameter naming

Fixed rendering of contours on time steps > 0. Fixed T28128

Corrected support of time geometries in contour interactors.

Improved SegTool2D interface

  • more constness
  • protected access to LastTimePointTriggerd
  • Optimized method names to be less confusing
  • GetAffectedReferenceSlice overload for use without event information.

BREAKING behavior LiveWireTool2D

Reworked/fixed LiveWireTool2D. Now correctly works on 4D images
with static or dynamic segmentations.
Changed behavior to have a clearer/simpler UX. Now, unconfirmed
life wire contours are WYSIWYG. They will painted to the time step/ slice
visible when confirmed. No matter in which time step the creation of
the live wire was started/done.

+ Fixed T27800

Improve constness

Finished refactoring of FastMarchingTool for 2D and 3D to use same code base

Start to remove redundancy in tool UIs

Reworked GUI of 2D/3D FastMarchingTool to reduce redundant code and use QmitkAutoSegmentationToolGUIBase

Refactored QmitkOtsuTool3DGUI to use QmitkAutoMLSegmentationToolGUIBase and to remove redundant code

Refactored QmitkWatershedToolGUI to use QmitkAutoMLSegmentationToolGUIBase and to remove redundant code

Improve constness of contour classes

Fixed error in ContourModel::Clear(int)

  • Call always reseted complete contour
  • Added test for clear functions

Test Plan: code review, unit test and checklist

Reviewers: O1 MITK Reviewer Group I, O3 MITK Reviewer Group II, kalali

Reviewed By: O1 MITK Reviewer Group I, O3 MITK Reviewer Group II, kalali

Subscribers: kislinsk, neher, kalali

Maniphest Tasks: T28129, T28128, T27800, T26975

Differential Revision: https://phabricator.mitk.org/D450

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