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2021 Week 04 (Very Late January)
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rMITK5dc9bf8b39f9: Merge branch 'master' into develop
rMITK2e864760744f: Merge branch 'bugfix/T28137-FixMissingContextMenuEntries' into develop
rMITK35cc4be67bda: Merge branch 'bugfix/T27717-FixMacOSInstallerOpenApp' into develop
rMITKbce1eaddb837: Merge branch 'bugfix/T28151-FixVTKOnMacOSXCode12' into develop
rMITKda3e2af67311: Merge branch 'bugfix/T28151-FixVTKOnMacOSXCode12' into develop
rMITK46eee069a4bf: Merge branch 'feature/T28155-MakeQtLogMessagesOptional' into develop
rMITK7609ba5f5be8: Merge branch 'bugfix/T28164-CopyrightDate' into develop
rMITK0440a5b618a8: T28127 Reopen_segmentation_in_MITK
rMITK020d23f2ed29: Merge branch 'bugfix/T28173-CMakeWarnings' into develop
rMITK15ecdf8d92aa: Update DCMQI to v1.2.3
rMITK52adb58300dd: T27689 RTDose_image_cannot_be_serialized_and_workbench_crashes_upon_loading
rMITK91703725ae84: Merge branch 'bugfix/T28189-FixDoxygenWarnings' into develop
rMITK56edf255d20b: Merge branch 'bugfix/T28189-FixDoxygenWarnings' into develop
rMITKdef61b42c799: Merge branch 'feature/T27460-Badges' into develop
rMITK74b4982fe7a7: Include CoreCmdApps in WorkbenchRelease configuration and add…
rMITK0de7a8f8c09b: Merge branch 'bugfix/T28195-UpdateMacOSSupport' into develop
rMITKb6352d695ed7: T28118 Refactor SegTool2D and derived classes (1st batch)
rMITKe02f5dfbc3b2: Summary: Applied some C++ style fixes
T26975: 2D Fast Marching for 4D data intermediate state displays segmentation in other timesteps
T27460: Badge support for our CDash/CI infrastructure
T27717: Mac OS: MITK Workbench&Flowbench crashes immediately after start
T27800: [Segmentation] Live Wire crashes with 4D image and static segmentation
T27992: Release of MITK CLIs
T28127: Reopen segmentation in MITK
T28128: ContourModels are not correctly rendered on time steps > 0
T28129: Contour interactor do not handle time steps > 0 correctly and do not support time geometries correctly
T28137: Extension point for org.mitk.gui.qt.datamanager.contextMenuActions does not work anymore
T28151: [macOS] MITK (resp. VTK) doesn't compile with XCode 12
T28155: Make Qt log messages optional
T28164: Update date in copyright
T28173: Get rid of CMake warnings with CMake v3.19
T28174: Fix minor C++ style issues
T28189: [MITKDoc] Fix documentation warnings
T28195: Update macOS support

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kislinsk triaged this task as Normal priority.Jan 25 2021, 5:31 PM
kislinsk created this task.

Deleted branch from rMITK MITK: release/T28197-2021-Week-04.