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Remotebug for continous MES development base
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Add a bug for mes releases. This bug should always point to the actual MITK release that is used to build the actual MES-Release and run the continuous clients.

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New remote branch pushed: bug-14294-mes-devbase

No activity for several months. Re-open the bug if you need to forward the git branch to point to a newer MITK version.

Reopenend for preliminary Desktop client fixed.
Will be soon upgraded to the new MITK release.

New remote branch pushed: bug-14294-mes-devbase2

Please Note: for OSX 10.9 checkout branch:

I saw the CppMicroServices changes in the bug-14294-mes-devbase2-osx109-no-tr1 branch. GCC on Linux will not compile this branch so I would welcome a general solution for OSX 10.9 which can be merged upstream.

New remote branch pushed: bug-14294-mes-devbase3

New remote branch pushed: bug-14294-mes-devbase4

New remote branch pushed: bug-14294-mes-devbase4-osx109

kislinsk added a subscriber: kislinsk.
This task was automatically closed because it wasn't updated at least since July 2016 (over 2 years). Please re-open this task if you think that it is still relevant. This most probably means that you will resolve it.